The word for today is difficult!
The real difficulty is not in developing new ideas BUT in escaping from the old ones!

By nature, people always try to avoid the difficult things and the obstacles that life presents to them. 

But life is difficult and climbing to success is always on the rise!

When People ask me why our life is so difficult I always answer: what is the alternative?

There are no alternatives when you go uphill, if you do not push forward you are sucked in and you always return to the starting point!

So, if life is tough, you have to adopt an attitude that not only expects the difficulties but embraces them with discipline and determination!

Our destiny can not be controlled by emotions but by the determination we can be equipped to face our difficulties!

This is the reason why we must not only accept our life and its difficulties but we must lead it with the determination that every day can be overcome despite its difficulties!

Life is difficult but I can win if I have the right attitude that expects difficulties always knowing that paying the price always reach the prize!

Difficulties exist to develop our creativity, major component of a life worth living!
Guy Sottile

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