The word for today is WHY!

The word for today is why!
 When I think of this word I think of the little children who just start to talk. 

 They just ask the reason for everything. Their attitude is due to the fact that coming into this world they want to find out the why of everything in order to understand better the meaning of the things that make up their lives. 
Then just teenagers, it seems that the little that they know is enough to take the place of control of their lives and why, that is, the search for the truth of things, seems to diminish or even disappear. 
The word why should always be present in us for life and not just at its beginning.
 When we ask or wonder why, we open the door to dialogue. When dialoguing we listen to what others think, feel, and hope. In doing so we extend our knowledge, we enter the lives of others, we understand the actions unknown to us, and their motivations.
 Who wonders why is positioned to lead because wants to understand the nature of things that guide our daily actions and the actions of those around us. 
But this word is also very useful to understand ourselves and why we act according to our nature and especially why we have the character that we have. 
Why helps us relate to others. In his leadership Jesus often used the word why to encourage others to understand the reason for their actions, and almost always to show that these actions were the result of culture and tradition and not their own beliefs. 
This attitude led others to see their own inconsistencies and change their way of thinking and acting. 
Why is a good word, without it we feel like stuck in traffic in a metropolis, with it we see the journey of our lives and our relationships less chaotic and much clearer. 
So let’s start our day asking ourselves why we do what we do and why we believe what we believe!
Guy Sottile

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