The word for today is self!
When I’m invited to conduct leadership courses in various nations, my question is always the same: How is your organization going?
Almost always the most important manager points out all the good things that his organization is doing.
Almost never, however, he puts himself into the question as if growing must be the organization and not those who run it!
Never the most important leader of the organization expresses the desire to be the first willing to grow because he does not understand that his growth will result in the growth of the organization!
In fact, growth begins with myself, with my will to grow because if we focus on our goals we can reach them, but we do not have the guarantee to grow on a personal level.
But if we focus on personal growth, that is, to grow ourselves, we will not only achieve our goals but we will have the guarantee to grow!
Everything rises or shatters on our ability to lead and on our ability and desire to grow and operate at full speed!
If we want to make our mission a sure success we must start with ourselves!
Guy Sottile

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