The word for today is excellence!
 This word is often obscured by a misconception of humility . 
Often people see arrogance and pride in those who strive to get out of the normal, and then from the norm to hurl at levels of excellence! 
In the past, people who had the responsibility to be above normal were identified by the word: excellence or even the word magnificent! 
Nobody pays attention to normal friends, normal programs, normal sporting events , normal services, and normal missions. 
People instead are ready to queue and pay a price for following events, teachings, actions, attitudes that go outside the norm and dive in excellence. 
If we offer services and show an influence outside of the normal then and only then will we have a following and then we will give a meaning to our lives. 
We add more value to others, we sacrifice what is ours and invest it on others, we show the other cheek, go the second mile, basically we go out from the norm and develop excellence in what we do and we will have the satisfaction of saying: WE GAVE EVERYTHING WE COULD GIVE! 
Normality is the greatest enemy of excellence. The good is the worst enemy of the excellent. Listen to me, I am Guy Sottile and I am your friend!
Each one of us is built to excel, to bring up to the highest the talents and qualities of which is in possession. Practically you and I have the greatest call to give 100%. 
No one follows, on a scale of 1 to 10, someone who is a 3 or a 5. 
Who is closer to 10 is that person that everyone would like to have as a reference point! 
What are we waiting for to give the best of ourselves in our family, work, and social involvement? 
Don’t you ever forget it: we were all programmed to excel and contribute in an individual and unique way in the world we live in! 
Guy Sottile

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