The word for today is consistency! 
The meaning of this word can be explained with the specific statement: live what you say. 
For many people and for many leaders consistency is the real test! 
Almost everyone has good intentions and designs of justice, but in daily practice they reveal actions that do not reflect the good intentions. 
This lack reveals the strong need for consistency in our lives! 
In our book for success, I always say that the first page describes our capacity for initiate a project. To be successful you have to have the gift of starting a project. 
At the end of the book, however, there must be the ability to finish what we started! Many start but few manage to finish. 
The primary reason for the success is CONSISTENCY! 
You and I know brilliant people who are not consistent. Creative people but not consistent. 
What happens when our actions do not produce consistency? We prove that we are not dependable! 
Leadership must always be reliable and dependable! 
Leaders must always show by their actions that they are aligned with their principles, and consistency is the only resource of their reliability! 
This I know for sure: we do not have to be smart and creative in order to be consistent! To be consistent, we must be disciplined! 
The leader knows that many depend on his leadership and only from his coherence and consistency to accomplish his vision for the common good. 
Consistency is essential in the life of the leader! 
Guy Sottile

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