The word for today is action!
This word contains a great secret for the personal success of every person!
To live is to act, aiming to our purpose by drawing a path with multiple goals which, if achieved, lead us to the ultimate target!
To make this trip, it is mandatory to fill our lives with the right actions to bridge the gap that separates us from the avowed vision.
Actions are like the footprints left on the sand of time.
Footprints reveal where the person has been and where it is headed.
Unfortunately many leave only one print on the sand of their human journey: the imprint of their butt!
Staying seated, they spit judgments and always find an excuse not to act while life goes on inexorably, thus risking not to leave any trace of themselves in time!
When Jesus was healing the paralytics he always said: Get up and walk! 
The greek verb of the original version of walking is in the present tense, indicating an ongoing action!
You and I we were created and healed in order to leave our footprints in the journey of life!
Embrace this challenge and become a person of ACTION!
Guy Sottile

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