The word for today is transformation!
This is a word that it is not easy to apply in our individual lives. 
It implies that something is not right with us or in us and we need to change. 
Transformation comes when a person is not satisfied with the status quo and it takes place when our pride is intentionally set aside in order to see a positive change in us and the world around us. 
Ultimately, transformation is a choice that we make and it must start in our hearts.
 In other words it must be a passionate decision that includes also our emotions. 
When the heart is transformed, then and only then , the mind is renewed and transformation takes place in our actions!
The person that seeks transformation counting only on the power of the mind will sooner or later fail unless supported by the passion of the heart!
So let’s go to action and consider those things we need to change in order to see a personal and intentional transformation in our life!
One important advice though: Let’s change one thing at a time and always one day at the time.  
If we can change during one day, why not two days, and then three and so on?
The secret is embracing change one day at a time!
We can read these thoughts and decide to change and embrace transformation or keep things the way they are and experience deterioration. We either get better or worse, we either change for the better or we will be changed for the worse. 
The choice is ours!
Guy Sottile

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