The word for today is Signature!
This short but strong word reveals, at the same time, two deep concepts.
The first refers to the will of those who sign up to accept the content they have made or that 
was submitted to them. 
Many sign up without pondering enough.
The second and most important concept highlights the identity of those who sign.
If the signer has no credibility, the reader does not trust the content of the signed document.
If the signature has credibility, then and only then, the reader believes in the signed content!
Having good intentions and signing them is not enough.
We must live intentionally and honor every signature that we put into every action of our lives!
Whoever reads you or follows you what does he see behind your signature?
Do they see a synthetic and superficial commitment or a serious and authentic commitment?
Our testimony always precedes us and it is like a signature.
When signing this thought I hope you see my true and intentional authenticity because whether 
we like it or not, behind a signature there is more than one’s name, there is our testimony!
Guy Sottile

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