The word for today is uncomfortable! 
None of us like to stay in uncomfortable positions. 
Whether traveling or whether we are at home reading a book, we like to have a quiet and comfortable place.
 In the events of life the same thing happens. Naively we think that to be comfortable save us a lot of trouble! 
Today I want to challenge you to look at what appears uncomfortable in a different light. 
Being uncomfortable motivates us to consider two important things. 
The first thing is to make us aware of not being in the right place or positioned as we ought to. 
The second thing is to motivate us to find a place more comfortable and suited to our needs and expectations.
 If our life was always easy then it would be a static life where our creativity and energy would never be used. 
We would be static beings and would get bored to death. 
Being uncomfortable motivates us to achieve new goals, to change things, to update our objectives. In a nutshell be uncomfortable makes our life interesting, new and fills us with new emotions.
From experience I must say that I have learned to be comfortable in accepting what is uncomfortable because I learned to improve the quality of my life and of those around me who follow me. 
Accept, therefore, what you think to be uncomfortable to be stimulated to achieve what is comfortable. 

Be comfortable in being uncomfortable!
Guy Sottile

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