Life is stress!

The word for today is LIFE!
A group of psychiatrists has recently met in a mega conference to define the word life.
At the end of the congress the result was that life is stress! 
This concept is certainly accurate since the pressure and stress are the primary components of our daily lives. Therefore our response to stress determines the quality of our lives. 
The question that I ask myself about it, is if we are able to control our lives, that is our daily stress, or if it is stress that controls our lives. 
I believe we must begin by focusing daily on the mission that we have been given for our lives by acting intentionally and not reacting to daily stress. 
We must have a positive sense in our life, preparing our actions in order not to waste time in repairing any wrong action! 
Our life is a preparation and not a reparation. Let’s prepare and not repair!
Today brings us closer or farther from the goal we have set for ourselves. 
Jesus teaches us that we shouldn’t be anxious and victims of stress, knowing that what happens to us is allowed by God for a purpose. 
The apostle Paul declares that while the external man gets beat up, the internal man growth as a result and if we are big inside we will become big outside!
The choice is ours! 
Let’s determine not to be stressed but let’s press for the prize that is before us!
Stress in life is an event, it is not a person, let’s use it to give wings to our spirit, only then LIFE WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!
Guy Sottile

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