The word for today is perseverance!
In the daily challenges, there are many obstacles to overcome. Discouragement comes when it is doubtful that the goal to be achieved is worthy of our sacrifices. For this reason it is important to always make sure of the goodness of our goals. 
The goal always involves obstacles to overcome and much sweat to burn otherwise it would not be a serious goal to achieve! 
Perseverance is a word composed of two concepts: PER, in the Latin sense of crossing over , and SEVERE in the sense of hard difficulty. 
Crossing the severe obstacles that separate us from the goal is the meaning of perseverance. 
So if our goals are serious and have value, there will be severe obstacles in the way and with this in mind you have to be persistent. 
Perseverance is a typical attitude of brave people who, thanks to hard sacrifices reach great heights. 
Jesus is a great example of perseverance. The Bible says that he faced the cross with perseverance knowing that with the cross there would be justification of humanity and the resurrection. 
In Revelation, Jesus says that only those who endure to the end will receive the crown of life! 
Perseverance is a good word that characterizes the lives of those who are successful! I hope that this week you demonstrate perseverance in your ways and will refuse to complain which is typical of those who think they achieve their targets without addressing the obstacles on the way towards success. 
If life is a journey over the waves of the ocean to meet the goals we have set ourselves, then perseverance is the strong belief that there is land beyond the horizon!
 Guy Sottile

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