The word for today is distribution! 
One of the stories told by Jesus that strikes me particularly is the one of the talents. 
In this story Jesus tells of a master who distributes to three of his followers 5, 2 and 1 talent. 
Each person receives talents and gifts.
Not everyone receives the same number of talents but certainly everyone gets a talent to share. 
The heart of the story is what we do with the talents received, that is, if we keep them for us or distribute them to benefit others. 
The person who had received five talents, distributing and using them wisely managed to have success and so did the person who had received two talents. 
These two people understood that the reason why we are blessed with gifts, talents and abilities is to distribute them, investing them with the right people, thus increasing the intensity and the results of our lives. 
The one, instead, that received only 1 talent, hides it for fear to risk of losing it and therefore does not distribute it. 
He thinks that having one talent is not enough. He complains thus losing the ability to multiply and give a positive meaning to his life. 
Maybe he was afraid to “gamble” the only chance he had not realizing that it is not the number of talents that we receive that counts but if we invest and distribute them or not. 
It is interesting to note that the master takes away the hidden talent and gives it to those who had the determination to distribute theirs. 
What is your talent? Are you developing it and making it better? How are you distributing it? Are you using it to add value to others? 
Are you investing in the right people, who like you are ready to distribute what they have received?
Find your talents, do not keep them to yourself but multiply them in the name of distribution, the secret of a victorious and meaningful life! 
Guy Sottile

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