The word for today is encouragement! 
There is no better remedy than encouragement. 
His healing power is able to lift the discouraged, comfort the afflicted, make strong the weak and rekindle the flame of hope inside.
 But the encouragement is like a vaccine with limited stock for severe and debilitating infirmities – we need it a lot more.
 The world is full of discouraging elements: bank accounts in red, deficient health, not getting a promotion, physical decline over the years, broken promises. You can probably think of many other sources of discouragement components to be added to this list. 
Considering the world around us, there seems to be a plentiful supply of other discouraging factors : the economy, global terrorism, war, poverty, the indiscriminate proliferation of various forms of abuse, social unrest of all kinds. 
The danger of focusing on these factors discouraging factors is that your perception can multiply exponentially. Everything is twisted and out of proportion! 
Someone wrote that: “who is discouraged, measures God according to his own model contract and limits the infinite power with its endless apprehensions.” 
When, in my own life I have been feeling depressed “with the wheels on the ground,” a friend gave me the following “prescription” four small “pills” to be taken four times a day when I would get up in the morning, one before lunch , one before dinner and the last just before going to sleep. In the case of growing feeling of discouragement and defeat, I was told to increase the dose. 
Although surrounded by discouraging circumstances, and when it seems there is no one available to tell us the much needed stimulus words, the recommendation of my friend has a sure cure for what is affecting us. 
This is the spiritual prescription that I received: 
The first pill is: Do look at your discouragement but be sure not to give too much value to what is less important. Refuse to allow small temporary discouragement dominate your thinking. “O my soul, never to be torn down, do not worry. Wait for God to act, He will do it. “(Psalm 4 . ) 
The second pill is: Do look carefully at yourself. Be partial in your favor trying to find the positives even in the most negative. “When a man is gloomy, everything seems to be ok, but when it s funny, it seems that all things go well. “(Proverbs 5: 5) 
The third pill is: Look closely to God, your Father, because He knows what you need and knows better than you, how and when to cater for your needs. “Call upon Me and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.” (Jeremiah . ) 
The fourth pill is: Look broadly your chances while you are climbing your “Mount Everest” – your apparent insurmountable obstacle -. Even when things seem hopeless, consider the alternatives available. With God there is always hope. “I can do everything God asks me to with the help of Christ who gives me strength and power.” (Philippians 4: )

Guy Sottile

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