The word for today is discouragement! 
Encouragement means grafting courage within us. 
A courage that produces hope, energy, joy, vitality and zest for life! 
Discouragement does exactly the opposite. 
It sucks away the courage and all the good fruits that the same produces in us. 
All of us face moments of discouragement in which the circumstances, the people around us and the negative emotions suck away our lifeblood. 
What are we to do in these critical times? 
The answer is clear, even if difficult to implement. 
Discouragement can be won from within and the only agents capable of doing this is we ourselves. 
It is us who must intentionally inject encouragement in ourselves and not wait for people and circumstances to do it for us! 
Here is the formula to overcome discouragement: We must encourage ourselves! 
Whether we like it or not, there are two voices that continually speak to our hearts, change the parameters of our mind and, therefore, influence our actions and our behavior. 
They are the negative voice and positive voice! 
The negative voice highlights what is wrong while the positive highlights what is good and how it can solve and remove the obstacles that inevitably accompany our life. 
The negative voice speaks of what is wrong, the positive voice talks about how to find the solution to what is wrong. 
The solution lies in the volume control. 
We must learn to lower the volume of the negative voice and increase that of the positive voice that offers solutions and not just raw analysis of reality. 
Handling the two volumes intentionally allows us to control and contain what is good and encouraging and prevent it from being sucked away by discouragement. 
The choice is ours! 
No one can do it for you! 
We must learn, once and for all, what it means to encourage ourselves, this is only antidote to overcome discouragement! 
Guy Sottile

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