The word for today is Efficiency!
I remember that a few years ago my boiler stopped working.
It was cold, so my plumber took 2 days before coming to see what was wrong.
As soon as he arrived, he removed the panel and started checking all the contacts.
Everything was fine but the boiler would not start anyways!
Then he took a hammer from his work bag and with surgical precision he hammered one of the boiler tubes.
The boiler started working great!
When I asked how much it was he said 100 euro!
I then asked him to justify the cost since I thought it was exaggerated!
He replied: 1 euro for using my hammer, 99 euro for having hammered at the right point of the tube!
The lesson I learned is that the intensity of our work is not so important, but it’s important to work smart and know exactly where to hit!
To be effective means to work intelligently and not just intensely!
No matter the years of experience we have, what matters is how we evaluate the experience of those years.
The evaluation of our action leads us to always work smart and always strike on the right place, with intelligence!
Guy Sottile

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