The word for today is unity!
As a Leader I discovered that we all do not have to have the same opinion to be united.
In fact, I prefer to have around me people who have opinions different than mine. The reason for this attitude lies in the fact that the different opinions broaden my horizons, compliment my thinking, challenge my view of life and make me more mature in my decisions!
Therefore I do not expect that all embrace my ideas and my way of thinking. The unity that I seek is the unity of the heart, where my pulse is identified with the beat of those around me, so that it brings out the true values we all believe in!
The vision is in the head but the values lie in the heart!
So the most important thing is not the union of the mind but the union of the heart!
So we will have the will to sacrifice ourselves for one another and grow together because we have unity around the values we believe in!
This is the unity that I seek as a leader and I hope that is true for you too!
Guy Sottile

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