The word for today is collaborate!
Collaboration is different than cooperation. 
Cooperation means coming together but collaboration means working together. 
Collaborate comes from the Latin word co- with and labor- work. 
Working together means acknowledging our strengths and focus on them but also being aware of our weaknesses, thus finding someone who can cover for them. 
Mother Teresa used to say that she can do things I cannot do but I can do things she cannot do. 
Together, however, we can do great things. 
One is too small of a number to reach greatness. 
How real is collaboration in your life? Who are the people you bring along side your life ? Do they excel in those area where you’re weak?
Often we bring along our way people in order to take care of our projects and forget that collaboration demands theirs and our 100%. 
Let’s look for people we can add value to but who can also add value to us and our mission. 
Guy Sottile


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