The word for today is insecurity! 
Competence does not compensate for the insecurity. 
“From that day Saul showed jealousy toward David.” 1Samuel 18:9 
Insecure leaders are dangerous to themselves, their followers and the organizations they lead. 
This happens because the leadership position amplifies personal problems. Any negative baggage we bring into our lives, the same becomes heavier when we try to lead others. Here are several common aspects that have insecure leaders: 
They do not instill security in others. To become effective leaders we must make feel good those who follow us.
Insecure leaders take from others more than they can give. 
Insecure leaders are always looking for appreciation, acknowledgment and acceptance. This makes them seek their own security instead than infusing it in others. 
They limit the best members of their team. Show me a leader insecure and I will show you someone who is not able to celebrate the successes of others and of his team. The insecure leader appropriates the best work of his own team! 
The insecure leaders continually limit the potential of their organization. When members of our team are not recognized, they get discouraged and slow down their productivity and their potential. When this happens, the entire organization suffers!
Let’s try to determine the source of our security. 
It lies in the fact that God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives. Each of us is a vital link in an endless chain! Let us trust in God and He will make our path straight. True security lies NOT in ourselves, but in THE ONE who guides us. He knows the right route for the mission entrusted to us. If you know the Lord, and you trust him, you will find the security you have been looking for!
Guy Sottile

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