The word for today is duty, the real seed to success!
Growing in Sicily a recurring phrase for me was to fulfill my duty.
A visit of condolences, attendance at a ceremony and more was always followed by the phrase: so we perform our duty!
I say this because our duties came and are often seen as a façade actions and not as something we do with our heart.
It is clear that duties are not always easy to fulfill and require intentional efforts on our part.
As a father and a husband almost always for me it was a great effort to fulfill my duty to provide everything for my wife and daughters. I always did it not because it was easy and enjoyable but because it was right!
Here is the secret of fulfilling our duty: over time, doing our duty will bring much fruit as a result of our loyal investment of time, resources, and energy.
Therefore let us rejoice in doing our duty reminding us that the time is approaching when we shall see the positive results and fruit of our efforts!
My challenge for you and for me is: are we fulfilling our duty?
Let us not be disappointed, because we always reap what we have sown!
Guy Sottile

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