The word for today is Involvement!
Most people like to participate from outside and enter the game only when they think they are sure to win.
Everyone knows the famous words of lawyers that when they win a cause they say WE WON, but if they lose they say YOU LOST!I 
I remember once at the stadium a spectator who, while eating a giant sandwich and drinking at least one liter of Coca Cola, criticized the players who, according to him, did not give the best of themselves.
I was tempted to take off the giant sandwich and the Coca Cola bottle and tell him to enter the field and show all his agonism!
Everyone criticizes and gives advice spitting judgments!
It’s easy to criticize when you are not involved first-person!
Keep in mind that trophies are not won on the bench but on the playing field.
Leave your spectator seat and embrace your involvement because each one of us has an important role to play in the race of our life!
Guy Sottile

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