The word for today is trust. 
“Blessed is the man who puts his trust in the Lord” Psalm 40.4 
Trusting means to firmly believe in the honesty, integrity and loyalty of the other person. 
Although trust delays to settle, it is necessary to obtain an intimate and meaningful relationship, it is essential because it will deepen mutual understanding. 
Trust makes sure that people share the needs and dreams to an increasing level of importance. It is through trusting that people depend on each other and work together to achieve common goals. 
Trust allows people to maintain a close friendship. 
Trust is fundamental in giving velocity to our objectives. In fact if one is worth of trust, other people will embrace more quickly his initiatives and plans. 
In addressing the changes it is not as important how ambitious is our program or our destination but how much percentage of trust we have accumulated through our personal and daily actions! 
The absence of trust, mistrust, means that people do not believe in the other. 
They feed reciprocal suspicions and do not reveal themselves to one another. 
Working in groups is difficult, tiring and generally poorly productive. 
Masks and evasive tactics hide the true feelings and true needs. 
People are reluctant to depend on the strength of others, teamwork suffers or doesn’t even develop. 
People tend to attack one another instead than fighting TOGETHER the difficulties that appear on the horizon. 
Friendships are fragile, usually unable to face the trials that will inevitably come. 
Trust is necessary to give meaning to a relationship. A little bit of confidence is necessary for any type of relationship; more high levels of trust are needed to more intimate relationships. 
Trust frees us from the burden of constantly questioning the true motives of the other. 
Many people believe that their friends, worthy of their confidence, are the greatest treasure of their lives. 
Benefits when trust increases 
*People can confide in one another. 

*Time and energy are not wasted in evasive tactics. * 

*New and interesting things are learned with others, including strength and fragility. * 

*Team work develops. 
The human heart, at whatever age, opens only to the heart that intentionally opens first” Maria Edgeworth 

Think of vulnerability, tests and actions of Jesus. All aim to conquer my trust and yours. 

 What a model and best ally we can find in him as we continue to give meaning to our lives and our daily actions! 

Guy Sottile

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