The word for today is attractive! 
Who among us does not want to be an attractive person? 
The culture surrounding the Western world, puts its emphasis on the physical and outward attraction. 
During my life I have noticed that if attraction is not accompanied by an inner attraction, its effect on others lasts for a very short time. 
The real attraction lies in our attitude. 
Positive and outgoing people , who wish to help and add value to others, taking them in meaningful journeys, are the ones who attract permanently! 
Physical and external attraction can be palpated in a few millimeters of skin, but the real attraction is inside having a depth that is much thicker! 
If we are attractive inside, our attraction will eventually overflow outside. Think of how much you spend today to be attractive having surgical operations that are done to slow the decline of our body. 
Few can afford it! 
This is not necessarily negative. Taking care of your appearance is good. I remember, from the vain person that I am, when I was little I cried out asking my mom to stop the wind because it was messing my hair 😀 
What is negative is that many do not care about their inner appearance and attraction! 
The internal attraction is available to everyone, you just must want it! 
Investing in improving our attitude, learning how to invest on others, bringing a smile where there is pain, sharing the principles on how to discover the call for our lives, are among the things that make us really attractive!
As said before, who is attractive inside will eventually become attractive outside! 
Perhaps this is the explanation of the statement that God made in the Old Testament through the prophet Samuel when he said : God does not look at the exterior of a person but God looks at the heart! 
Apply these principles and develop your inner attraction and you too will be an attractive person ….. in the true sense of the word! 

Guy Sottile

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