The word for today is hesitation! 
In the course of our lives, there are many times when we are not sure how to proceed. 
The question of whether what we are doing is the right thing to do jams our will to act and often stops us in the inability to know which road to take. 
Hesitation is a word that expresses two concepts: Outcome and Action. 
Basically the outcome of our actions, to predict a priori, is the true meaning of our hesitation. 
There are two aspects that characterize the hesitation. 
The positive one is to stop and consider all the consequences of our actions, and so see if we are going to do the right thing. 
The negative one is to stop and think and think for too long, thus losing the winning opportunities before us. 
When hesitation freezes our behavior and prevents us from deciding the direction of our actions, then it becomes an enemy to be defeated! 
The right thing to do when we get stuck is to share our hesitation with someone worthy of our trust that seems to have experience in what is stopping our decisions. 
This person ( advisor or mentor) is able to see the crossroads we find ourselves in from the outside while we are in the middle of the crossroads and it is difficult to see what is the right option we need to take. 
Hesitate is wise but if our hesitation persists then it can be destructive! 
Face your hesitation, do not ignore them, but embrace it only for a short time to avoid it becoming paralyzing! 
After reflecting on the consequences and have made your decision, without any hesitation TAKE ACTION! 
You decide which direction to take and leave the paralyzing CROSSROAD ASAP . 
As people of faith, we have a great advantage in knowing personally our God. His will for our life is perfect , His direction always brings to the truth. Aligning ourselves to His will makes always easy to know what road to take without any hesitation!
His Word is the right GPS that never allows us to take the wrong turn!
Guy Sottile

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