The word for today is courage!
There is no leader whose main characteristic is not courage.
The leader embraces the challenge by giving the example first, thus expressing his conviction in the goodness of his choices!
The definition of courage lays in the question: who is the first to embrace this opportunity?
The leader is the one who answers: I Am!
We all can not trust completely a person who knows what to do, but the person who, besides knowing, shows what to do and guides with his example the rest of the group!
The person who knows what to do is a leader in embryo, but the leader who besides knowing how to do it, shows it, he is a leader in action, and , therefore, a leader who fully embodies the definition of courage!
In addressing the challenges you face, the question arises spontaneously: are you an embryonic leader or a brave leader!
Our response will reflect our courage or our cowardice!
No one will believe in us if we do not believe in ourselves and in our actions!
Unfortunately today many are the cowardly leaders and few are the real and courageous ones who expose themselves as models first!
Jesus did not just say what was right but he lived what he believed and did not wonder if the others agreed with him, but he said “who loves me follows me” and embraced the challenge!
Here is the perfect example of true and lasting courage!
Guy Sottile

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