The word for today is Confrontation!
“ Speaking the truth in love”. 
It often happens that you have to face a confrontation to clarify a relationship that is about to rotten!
When I face a confrontation I find a thousand excuses for not doing it!
This is because the confrontation implies things I do not want to say to people I do not want to confront.
I do understand, however, that without confrontation the relationship inevitably tends to poison and eventually die!
How did I learn to confront others?
First of all, I understand that the word confrontation, in itself, means facing in the front, mind with mind, culture with culture, perspective with perspective.
This way of confronting puts the interlocutors on the defensive by giving ample space to prejudices and postures that determine a destructive end before the confrontation begins!
I found that two elements can be the basis of a constructive confrontation : Honesty and Sincerity.
I must be honest and objective in showing and communicating the reasons for the confrontation ! I must understand the position of my interlocutor and give him the benefit of the doubt before arriving at a collision course!
But the secret of a successful confrontation is sincerity!
Sincerity gives precedence to the heart and not just to the mind. Sincerity gives space to our feelings more than our words!
When honesty and sincerity take the lead in the confrontation , then and only then we can find a positive and constructive solution to solve our problems!
Our culture seems to have become increasingly violent and belligerent, aiming at a confrontation that almost always produces an abortion!
With honesty and sincerity change the course and intentionally study yourself to make a healthy confrontation that will result in a better relationship!
Guy Sottile

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