The word for today is compassion. 
A key aspect of the leadership is that the leader guides with the heart first and then with the mind.
 Clearly, the leader must motivate and lead with a well-defined vision, both specific and measurable but his followers will abandon him if his heart is not right. 
The heart of the leader is right when it is driven by compassion. 
The root of the word compassion comes from the Latin word com- patire, which means to suffer with, or better to have the same feelings of the people we lead, feeling on our skin what they feel. 
In Jesus’ life, following his way to lead people, we see that before any teaching or before any healing action was shown, he acted MOVED BY COMPASSION! 
Jesus went to the people, he saw, he felt in his heart and then he acted. The action of Jesus always used this progression: first he connected with the people’s hearts and then he acted. 
Jesus first won the hearts of the people and then renewed their minds with his teachings.
 The people that we influence do not respond to our guide if they do not see our heart which reveals the true motives of our leadership. This is the reason why I am sure that at the root of our success whether we lead ourselves, our families or our organizations , there is compassion. 
In showing compassion the leader gives top priority to the needs of others and therefore is positioned to serve.
 Because service is the sole purpose of our leadership, compassion becomes the primary element of a healthy leadership. 
Let us examine ourselves and evaluate our level of compassion that surely will reveal the true effectiveness of our leadership. 
Guy Sottile

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