The word for today is to downsize! 
Generally this word has a negative connotation. In fact, many people think that we should take with us all that we acquire in life. 
Be careful, though, because not everything that is acquired is positive for us! 
There are titles and positions, friendships, commitments, strategies and emotions that could slow down the ride of our lives making us arrive too late to grab the opportunities that life has in store for us! 
Downsizing should be a discipline for us that must be applied in order to retain what is really important for us to reach the goal of our life and to get rid of the excess weight of unnecessary and negative things and people, which is the main cause of our mediocrity! 
Then get rid of traditions, wrong ways of thinking , emotions and resentments that poison the heart and mind, wrong people of our team and in our intimate circle and, especially, the fear and dread that anesthetize the momentum of our efforts! 
 Let’s take an inventory of what we are and what we have, free ourselves of things, people and poisonous and negative thoughts and realize the freedom that we have in downsizing in order to accelerate the pace that leads us to the goal towards which each of us hopes to get! 
John the Baptist said that he had to decrease (downsize) for Jesus to grow in him. The apostle Paul said that we have to renew our minds in order to change the course of our lives. 
No matter if we are people of faith or not, the absolute principle remains that the one who downsizes with wisdom and discernment gets the power and energy to get to the finishing line of victory! 
Guy Sottile

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