The word for today is destination,
We all like to find new places, meet new people, and reach new destinations where we think we can find something we do not currently have.
This research is stimulating and stimulates us to reach new goals.
The downside is to think that reaching a new destination will eventually solve the problems we face in the present.
We often think: when I’m there, if I can meet that person when I get that job, then I’ll fix my problems and I’ll be happy at last!
The joy of life is not in the destination but in the journey that brings us to it!
If we are not happy and happy with ourselves today, we will not be even when we reach our destination!
Let us learn to appreciate today, find peace right where we are and with what we have , even if it is little, only then it will make sense to reach the destination we are heading for!
The real joy is in the journey that leads us to our destination!
Guy Sottile

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