The word for today is Finishing!
Finishing and completing projects, meeting deadlines and reaching pre-defined goals is an important aspect for our lives!
Show me a person who completes what he has started and I show you that he is a person whose self-esteem is high.
On the contrary, who drops his unfinished projects is a person whose self-esteem is low or even nothing!
By nature, all of us are looking for the approval of others. But such approval is not enough, especially if in our hearts we know that it is underserved !
In our hearts we know if we are worthy of esteem only if we complete and finish what we have started.
So we discover and accept everything we know to be able to finish!
You probably know you have several projects that you have not finished and accept other challenges because being active will make you forget about the unfinished projects. This activism attracts the approval of others but leaves an open wound in your personal self-esteem.
Only who’s big inside can become big outside!
Ending our projects, concluding what we have started not only raises our self-esteem but makes us conscious and confident in our chances of achieving great goals.
Do not seek approval to grow your reputation, aim to showing who you really are.
Reputation is what others think of you, but character is who you really are!
Perhaps that is why the great Jesus of Nazareth as his last words chose:

It’s done!
Guy Sottile

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