The word for today is loyalty!
Once I heard a leader say he required blind loyalty from his associates.
Reflecting, I immediately thought that this statement was light years away from reality!
We can not “demand” loyalty.
That is, we can “force” those under us to be submissive and loyal but, of course, we can not make a loyal heart by forcing it!
Loyalty should be “earned”, so the question is how do you earn loyalty from those who follow us?
There are three things that make us earn loyalty but we must always keep them in mind and we must apply them intentionally daily!
The first thing is to ” value people and above all to those who work with us and under us”.
There is no leader who devalues people and receives their loyalty. Surely they receive their “submission” but NEVER their loyalty!
They submit because they are forced but those who are forced never give their best but only the minimum to get by.
The second is to “give those who follow us something they can not get on their own”. 
He who is faithful knows in his heart that he has received from you something that he alone could not obtain. He knows you’ve added value to his life. He knows he is a better person because of your investment in his life and therefore HE IS LOYAL!
The third thing is CONSISTENCY. The moment does not make us good leaders, but a life of coherent actions makes us great leaders. The fairness of our decisions, the coherence expressed by our integrity, attracts the total loyalty of those who follow us!
Loyalty is the consequence of trust and dependence, and they are the result of consistency!
Consistency, adding value to others and value people will NEVER DEMAND loyalty because they’ve got it already!
So, do not demand loyalty but strive to earn it!
It depends totally on you!
Guy Sottile

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