Carpe Diem

The word for today is Carpe Diem!
Carpe diem literally means Capturing the Moment. It means living the present fully!
Yet we, almost always, push to tomorrow the important decisions that we should grab in the immediate present.
Think about it! Today is the tomorrow we projected yesterday!
Tomorrow is deceptive because it might not come and because we wrongly think that it justifies our hesitation of today! 
How many right decisions that could change our personal and professional life have we returned to tomorrow?
Yesterday it’s an expired bill and tomorrow a post-dated check. If we want to cash out, we have to do it today.
Yet the common trend is to amplify the past and to overestimate the future, losing sight that TODAY is what really matters to us!
Carpe Diem, do evaluate today, seize your opportunities, live intentionally giving value to every moment of the present.
Do it now, do it fast because LIFE IS NOW!

“Today is the Day of salvation”!
Guy Sottile

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