I want to ask you a question, maybe the most common question that is asked!
What are you waiting for?
There are many actions, dreams and initiatives we want to take but for some reason, we often wait for the right time.
One thing I know for sure: if we wait, the things we want to achieve will never come to us!
This is because the irrefutable principle is that dreams, events, and goals move toward us only when we stop waiting and start moving!
The motion leads to action and action attracts what we need to make our initiatives a great hit!
For those waiting I want to reveal what they are waiting for: NOTHING!
Therefore let us stop waiting and intentionally start moving and everything we need will move toward us!
Today, stop waiting and start moving toward the dream and vision you have received!
Today leads you closer or farther from your goals and it all depends on your willingness to take the first step!
Guy Sottile

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