The word for today is fake! 
There is an expression that says “let’s fake it until we make it.” 
Many people fake it so much to believe that which they are not. 
In doing so they believe others perceive them for what they are not. 
What is the benefit to think of ourselves that which we are not? 
There comes the moment of truth, and for many this dreaded moment becomes devastating! 
Being honest with yourself is the beginning of true success. 
Understand who we are and where we want to go is the first step. 
The second step is to improve in those areas where we pretend not to be improving. 
Finally we enjoy the peace and knowledge of being ourselves and no faking anymore. 
Our faking does not displace our opponents but, instead, leads us into a wrong path, to a street full of illusions and therefore, defeats. 
There is no defeat worse than that of an idol pursued strongly that reveals itself to be only a mirage when you think you have finally achieved it! 
When Jesus said: COME TO ME ALL OF YOU THAT ARE TIRED AND HEAVY LEADEN , he was addressing also those who were tired of pretending and faking it! 
He wanted to assure them that they would be accepted as they were, without the need of fictions. 
To those who are honest with themselves and their shortcomings, Jesus promises a bright future, because he is now able to lead them into the right path already planned and designed for them! 
The one who fakes it, procrastinates his time because he does not want to work to improve!  
He accepts his mediocrity, hidden by his fiction, as a reality. 
For many, this life is a fiction, for a few, instead, is a beautiful reality! 
This week let’s stop pretending and faking it, and let’s work to improve ourselves in order to achieve those successes for which we were created! 
Guy Sottile

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