The word for today is turbulence !
42 years have passed since my first flight. Sometimes I have experienced turbulence that has put my trust in traveling on air under fire.
The worst turbulence I experienced was when flying on the Atlantic Ocean l, without warning, the plane seemed to be suddenly falling free. So I immediately put on my seat belt and asked myself if the plane was able to overcome that sudden and devastating turbulence.
Since I’m describing what happened, it is clear that the plane had surpassed the turbulence and so my confidence in traveling by air has grown a lot.
Life puts in front of  us so many unexpected turbulences. Let’s not lose heart, but let’s strive to find out what we are able to overcome.
In the turbulence our qualities come out, and self-esteem and confidence grow with the awareness of knowing what we are capable of enduring and overcoming.
So let us embrace our turbulences, knowing we have so much potential that we often do not know we have!
Guy Sottile

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