The word for today is options!
Many think there is an answer to the challenges that they face in life.
The majority thinks there is only one answer to our questions and therefore do not believe in the several available options that we have and that offer many ways to solve our problems.
We have indeed many options and more opportunities to find the right solution!
When there were no GPS I ventured myself into the chaotic traffic of Rome and tried different routes to reach the same destination. So if I got stuck in traffic I always had another option to use to prevent me being blocked.
Let’s not stop at a single choice to reach our goals but strive to find multiple solutions and if possible new options to find the right solution for us. So if fail we always have another option to try to reach a successful solution. 
Options increase our hope of reaching the goals we have set for ourselves!
Never forget that ” we have been created to create” and finding options unleash our creativity!
Guy Sottile

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