The word for today is laughter !
People who know me know that I’m a cheerful person who laughs almost always and that I am not afraid to laugh at myself!
Laughing at our defects and our individual nuances makes it all right! If we do not, all those who know us certainly do it all the time, probably behind our shoulders!
The important thing is not to laugh at the vision and mission we have received. The call we received is a very serious thing!
Psychology teaches that laughing is good for life because it helps keeping the pressure that daily challenges bring on us.
So let’s rejoice, and then I say again : Rejoice because it is good for our lives!
Guy Sottile

One thought on “Laughter!

  1. Saturday night was by far the best night for laughing I’ve had in a while. Mr. Woodward and Mr.Brady were just hilarious! I am so glad to be around 2 great men who can teach and still laugh at their own gaffs!


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