The word for today is Convergence!
This is a great word, very important especially if we want to build a strong team!
It comes from the latin word con which means together with, and vergence which means going to the same point or target.
It is not enough to put new tires on a car we must align those tires. In the english language we call this process alignment while in the Italian language we call it convergenza!
You see, if the tires are not aligned not only they get ruined rather fast but also they do not give any smooth ride!
The steering wheel will shake and as soon as we take our hands off it will go all kind of directions.
It is imperative for a team to be aligned to the same target if we want to reach our goals and objectives!
We might put the best tires on our car, being Italian i choose always Pirelli tires, but without alignment our journey will be rough and short!
As you build your team it not enough to get the best people to join you, you must align them to the vision of your mission.
Your journey will be a joy and not a rough ride!
Guy Sottile

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