The word for today is self-control. 
 There are components that are beyond our control. We can not control the attitudes and bad actions of other people, circumstances that beset us every day, the injustices that are imposed on us by the authorities, adverse events caused by nature that surrounds us. 
One thing, however, we can do: we can control ourselves. We can control the decisions we make, the thoughts that we have, the friends you hang out with and the attitudes that we show. 
The important element is that the success in our life is determined not by the things we can not control but by the ones we can control! 

Therefore let’s stop worrying about the things we can not control and focus on the things that we can control: daily decisions, the values ​​we believe in, to maintain the positive attitudes toward those we open our hearts and our minds to. 
These are the things that make the difference! 
Self-control is a good word that basically tells us that we are responsible for ourselves. 
That’s why the apostle Paul declared that ALL THINGS work together for good to those who love The Lord and have been called to His purpose!
Guy Sottile

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