The word for today is partner!
In today’s world this word is used in so many ways. 
If people would have the right understanding of its meaning we would surely live in a better world!
What is then the true meaning of partner?
Once again lets go back to the Latin etymology of the word. 
Pari, which means EVEN, and tenere, which means to HOLD. 
PARTNER means to hold something with someone else. 
It means that when we have a vision or a mission we choose another person to share and hold that vision with dividing up the responsibilities for the final success!
Partnerships today, on the contrary, are based on manipulations. We choose a partner in order to seek our own interest treating our partner as a mean to OUR END!
That is why in our world we have injustice and lack of equal rights. 
From our family to our social circles, the wrong understanding of partnership has created an incredible gap where the ordinary and unprotected people have been wrongly treated!
As we face new partnerships, let’s seek the right partners. They are the ones who complement us and we complement them. They are the ones who see the final target the same way we see it. They are the ones who will give their life in order to hold tight our alliance which is the root of a real partnership!
How do the people around you see you as a partner? Do you feel like they think you are the boss and ultimately the only one getting something out of your partnership?
Once again, let me point out a model, the right one, that history has given us regarding true partnership. 
This model has as partners God and us. 
He created the world and its endless beauties but needed someone to share it with. 
He gives the right principles to man and entrust him to execute His plan. 
You might think that He manipulates us because is His plan that we execute and not ours!
Well that’s not right. It is like thinking that the principles we lay down for our children are our plans when the reality is that we lay those principles down for THEIR GOOD!
Partnerships include sacrifices. God sacrifices His only Son in order to sign a partnership with us. We repent of our manipulated partnerships and accept His offer to hold our life together with Him. 
Our God is a sovereign partner who knows the end from the beginning. He is the only one to know how to use our given talents in order to accomplish our unique and lasting mission in this world!
Surely, if you think to have the right partnership and feel good about it, then this reflection is not for you. 
But if you are tired of partnerships where you feel manipulated and wrongly used, then let’s start today with the right partnership with God and hold together with Him our destiny in life!
Partnership with God is not selective but available to all men!
What would be your reaction if Microsoft or Facebook or a big and successful company would offer you today the possibility to become one of their partners ?
Well God is way and exponentially more powerful and worth of our trust than those entities. 
Today is the day of salvation! 
Salvation is discovering who is our real and trustworthy partner. 
His name? Jesus the Christ, the king of kings and the Lord of lords!
He will not impose on our partnership but leaves us the freedom to choose. 
Personally I chose Him!
I hope you will do the same and you will see , finally, the reason for your existence in this wonderful world!
Guy Sottile

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