The word for today is quality!
When I think of quality I always think of another word: SHORTCUT
I’ve always been a smart boy and I always managed to find the fastest way to achieve my goals.
I have, however, faced a crossroads where I had to choose between reaching the finish line or reaching my full potential.
The quality encourages us to go beyond the momentary success to fully develop our talents!
Human nature leads us always to achieve the maximum with minimum effort. This concept is one of the roots of the decline in both our personal and professional life.
Therefore let us transform our lives, our actions into high-quality performance!
We also must keep in mind that we will be judged not by what we have done but what we could have done!
Let us graft quality and excellence in our lives by fully developing our talents!
Motivation gives us the impetus to start but only the discipline in the quest for quality leads us to achieve our highest goals!
Guy Sottile

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