Let it go….

The word for today is to let go! 
We live in a time of tension and anger. 
This brings our society to have an aggressive attitude and to stir up reactions that hurt us first and then those who have hurt us! 
Closely monitoring the behavior of people around us, it is easy to capture many wounds that affect their attitudes. 
Everyone seems to have an answer to make justice and unleash their anger against the injustice received! 
The real answer to the reactionary and often justified anger is LETTING GO, ignore and work on ourselves before we positively influence others! 
What does it means to let go? 
 1. Letting go does not mean trying to change the person who has hurt us but to accept what that person did to us! 

 2. Letting go does not mean change the past but decide not to be strangled by it. 

 3. Letting go does not mean to blame others but face the truth even if it hurts. 

 4. Letting go does not mean to be dogmatic about the fact that we are right, but be open to learn and grow from failures. 

 5. Letting go does not mean finding simplistic solutions but learn to live with our questions so that we grow our character to find the right answers. 

 6. Letting go means choosing to forgive to live in the freedom of the present and the hope of the future. 

 7. Letting go is to change the negative effect of fear and have an attitude of love and hope for a better future.

Guy Sottile

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