The word for today is risk!.

An analogy is given to us from baseball. To win you need to move from base to base. Many people would like to have giant legs to keep one foot in the first base and put the other in the second. But it does not work so!
To win you need to take the risk, leaving first base and running to the second base and arrive there before your opponent.
Many wonder why, not taking any risks, they have nothing! Easy: no risk no reward!
There are 2 types of risks. The foolish risk and the wise one.
The foolish risk is when we embrace projects of which we know little or nothing about it.
The wise risk is when we put on the table all the elements that allow us to figure out whether the risk is within our reach. Above all we must ensure we have all the talents and resources to embrace the risk!
We must start with small risks and do not venture in risks beyond our reach.
One last thought: the fruit of the tree is always on the branch and in order to get it we must leave the trunk and stretch out on to the branch.
Many spend their life only attached to the tree and the only fruit they are the rotten ones that fall to the ground.
It’s time for some of us to take risks and grab the fruits before they rot and fall to the ground.
May this year be the year full of wise risks!
Guy sottile 

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