The word for today is fortitude. 
 One of the activities that Sondra and I did with our daughters was to visit the Spanish fortresses on the Tyrrhenian coast of our beautiful Italy. 
Especially in western Tuscany and in the islands of the archipelago. 
Unforgettable Capo Stella in Argentario and Giglio Island Castle! 
What struck us was the impressive structure and thickness of any fortress. 
Following the directions of the brochure, we read all the attacks that these forts had suffered and how it was impossible to overcome them to the point that some of them never got conquered by the enemy! 
Their lasting strength was such that even in World War II , they were used as strategic locations. 
Their secret laid in the foundations that were very thick and deep. 
They were built to last and stay and to show impressive strength. 
In our lives the word fortitude is essential. 
An attitude that reflects the qualities of a fortress! It means building an attitude that resists adversity. An attitude that does not yield to the attacks of those who want to hurt us, that does not bend in  facing difficulties.
 It means that although we can not control what comes out against us, criticisms, disappointments, broken promises, oppression, injustice and falsehood, WE CAN CONTROL what is happening inside of us because the foundations of our life are strong and durable and, therefore, I have a strength of soul and mind that allows me to win every day. 
If fortitude is not one of our strong points, our forte, I hope that this reflection will stimulate you to look at the foundations of your life to see if it is founded upon a rock or on a sandy soil. 
Who builds his soul, gives himself fortitude and protects it , he is the one who has discovered the true success of a lifetime. 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is discovery!

In leadership to have the mentality of an apprentice, a learner, is essential. The apprentice knows he does not know everything, he learns more and more always aware of the fact that he has so many more things to learn!

What is most discouraging,  is having to deal with people who have stopped discovering because they think they have already found everything in life and, therefore, are in a state of stagnation  and not in a dynamic posture, which is essential in the life of a leader.

The famous quote by Socrates: I know one thing, that I do not know, is an important starting point.

I say starting point because the words of Socrates could be misinterpreted as a basis of relativity, where there are no fixed points and absolutes.

Jesus said to the contrary that knowing and discovering the truth will make us  free.

Free to build new discoveries on some fixed points. 

The definition of a  disciple is the one who builds on the experience of things learned. Many disciples or pseudo-disciples,  often show dogmatic and absolute pride on the few things they have discovered thus falling into a stagnation that does not meet the needs of a changing humanity!

Many disciples or pseudo-disciples,  often show dogmatic and absolute pride on the few things they have discovered thus falling into a stagnation that does not meet the needs of a changing humanity!

Discovery is a strong word that should characterize our daily lives. Take on today with the expectation of discovering new things that can make your leadership more effective in adding value to others!

After all, our God is by definition infinite in His person and in His actions and it would be childish for us to compress Him into a finite and limited human reality. The Bible says that God is the God of the impossible and it is up to us to find out why and how.

Let’s  learn together, discovering together how to fulfill our unique calling in life that we have been given by our infinite God!

Guy  Sottile

Not without my family!

Not Without My Family!

“But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”  1 Timothy 5:8

Every day parents and spouses leave their families in the pursuit of success.

It’s almost as though they’re driving down the road, and they get pretty far along before they realize they’ve left members of their family behind.

The tragedy is that many value their careers, success, or personal happiness more than their families. They decide that it’s too much work to go back, so they just keep driving.

But what many are now realizing is that the hope of happiness at the expense of breaking up a family is an illusion.

You can’t give up your marriage or neglect your children and gain true success. As Nick Stinnet asserted more than a decade ago, “When you have a strong family life, you receive the message that you are loved, cared for and important. The positive intake of love, affection, and respect . . . gives you inner resources to deal with life more successfully.”

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own family?

It is like multiplying a number, even a big one , to zero: the result will always be ZERO!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is discouragement!

Encouragement means grafting courage within us.

A courage that produces hope, energy, joy, vitality and zest for life!

Discouragement does exactly the opposite.

It sucks away the courage and all the good fruits that the same produces in us.

All of us face moments of discouragement in which the circumstances, the people around us and the negative emotions suck away our lifeblood.

What are we to do in these critical times?

The answer is clear, even if difficult to implement.

Discouragement can be won from within and the only agents capable of doing this is we ourselves.

It is us who must intentionally inject encouragement in ourselves and not wait for people and circumstances to do it for us!

Here is the formula to overcome discouragement: We must encourage ourselves!

Whether we like it or not, there are two voices that continually speak to our hearts, change the parameters of our mind and, therefore, influence our actions and our behavior.

They are the  negative voice  and positive voice!

The negative voice  highlights what is wrong while the positive highlights what is good and how it can solve and remove the obstacles that inevitably accompany our life.

The negative voice speaks of what is wrong, the positive voice talks about how to find the solution to what is wrong.

The solution lies in the volume control.

We must learn to lower the volume of the negative voice and increase that of the positive voice that offers solutions and not just a raw analysis of reality.

Handling the two volumes intentionally  allows us to control and contain what is good and encouraging and prevent it from being sucked away by discouragement.

The choice is ours!

No one can do it for you!

We must learn, once and for all, what it means to encourage ourselves, this is the only antidote to overcome discouragement!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is discipline!

This is an absolute truth: if I can not be disciplined life will definitely become heavy for me!

The central fact of this truth is that if I apply discipline, my life will become less heavy for me. If on the contrary I am not disciplined, life itself will become increasingly heavy and difficult for me.

Discipline requires doing what we need to do and not what we want to do!

Most people expect to feel good before embarking on what they know is right to do. The disciplined person does what is right and expects to reap the fruits of his decision to feel good.

Determination and discipline control our destiny feelings!

Today’s problems stem from the fact that we look at our rights and not our duties.

Our rights because they make us feel good while duties require personal investment, sacrifices, and, therefore, discipline.

At what level is your personal discipline today? How much time do you invest  in doing what is right doing even if it requires effort and sacrifice?

On a personal level,  what grade do you give to your discipline?

Athletes make discipline their driving force to win races that often do not lead to significant and lasting fruit for the common good.

How much more should we apply discipline in order to change our lives, our family, and our society?

A biblical principle says that those who wait upon the Lord will fly as high as eagles, gain strength and not be weary.

Waiting on the Lord means using discipline even if it requires sacrifices and does not show immediate results, knowing, however, that they will come at the right time!

Discipline is like the water that the camel accumulates before crossing the desert and bears fruit in the tests of resistance,  allowing us to cross the deserts of our lives!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is destiny!

Whether we like it or not every person has his own destiny.

Most people wait for it through circumstances and events in their lives.

Waiting for  it as a godsend, as a revelation that comes out from your horoscope is a waste of time.

In fact, by doing so, people accept their life  when, on the contrary,  they are called to lead their life.

Destiny encapsulates  the purpose to which every single person has been called.

Destiny allows our existence not to pass unnoticed but makes it significant  in history.

Fulfilling our destiny will influence the world around us.

Without a precise purpose, we are like a ship without a compass.

Here’s what I know:  your  tomorrow destiny will give you determination today!

Your destiny and purpose in your life give you direction for today’s decisions. 

Let’s lead our lives and let us not be led by it.

This is what makes humans unique!

Start deciding today  to choose according to your destiny and stop being a boat without a compass!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is credible!

It is deceived the person who believes he has found the perfect leader, the perfect friend or the perfect partner.

No one can claim the merit of being perfect, although two thousand years ago the world saw the perfection in Jesus and then killed him on the cross!

Since perfection is not human but divine, our research should focus on the credibility of the person and of his actions.

Being credible means to be spontaneous and transparent  demonstrating our character through means to grow  our actions and  our growth.

Being credible means to be authentic which means to be  consistent with the values we believe in .

Probably the human quality that comes closest to perfection is just being credible. Today more than ever the world is looking for credible people and leaders  to follow.

The most important test to verify our credibility lies in the personal question: Can I honestly say that I believe in myself and in what I show others to be?

In the chaos of the world full of synthetic stuff that looks real but it is not,  the authentic personality of a credible person is immediately evident to the general attention.

Credible is a good word but, more importantly, a fundamental quality of the leader.

Guy Sottile


The word for today is character! 
You may lose friends, you may lose your savings, you may also lose your life but do not lose your character! 
Like in a boxing match, life throws us down with punches that seem big rocks and the temptation is to stay on the mat, but who has character pulls himself up time after time! 
Who has character, that is, the affirmation of who we are and what we believe in, does not accept to stay on the mat but gets up to lead his life according to the canons of its creed. 
Who has character is trustworthy! 
Who has character acquires a confidence with a high speed. What does that mean? 
The one who has not character and, therefore, those who do not enjoy the confidence of others, have not speed. 
This is because the other people will have a problem to follow him doubting his real motives. The one who has character pulverizes the bureaucracy because his word is a guarantee for his actions always working for the common good! 
Think of the agreements that are made and how many pages you have to read and check for lack of trust! 
Think of the agreements with the insurance companies written in small and almost invisible letters that often go against our interests. Let’s think about the laws that are made but they often have a safety output in favor of the government and transform what appears in our favor something against us and our interests! 
Well who has character, over time, has the confidence that leads to the speed which leads to the fulfillment of his goal! 
Who has character does not run away from pain and obstacles. 
Pain and obstacles, in fact, are the incentives from which comes out the best for our lives! 
The coach who encourages his athletes, must have character and trust, and must manage his athletes to bring out the best out of them! 
Who has character does not see what we are but what we could be. Michelangelo did not see a piece of marble but the David that could come out of it. 
Shoring up the marble, in this case our life, will hurt and bring pain but, in the end, it brings out a masterpiece. 
What then can we hope? To be people of character who enjoy the trust of others! The trap is thinking that our character will somehow undermine our reputation. 
Well , reputation is what others think of us, and often this thought is wrong! 
Caharacter is what we truly are. 
Let’s bring out the David that is in us! 
Guy Sottile


The word for today is creativity!

This word is formed by two concepts: activity and create.

In other words, the creativity of an individual is his ability to act in order to create.

Most of the people are no longer involved in creating new things but in criticizing things and situations that already exist.

Criticizing is easy but, it is challenging to create.

Criticizing is demagogic and useless  while  creating is both pragmatic and useful.

Those who control us have a vested interest to ensure that we do not create but that we adapt to what they have created for us.

In other words, drowning our ability to create has,  as its ultimate objective, the control of our actions thus leaving many in mediocrity.

This is one of the reasons why I can not understand how many intelligent people do not believe in creation but belligerently they believe in evolution.

We were created to create in our time! In our uniqueness, we must understand that we are responsible for our own life. We need to control our life through creativity and not accept it the way it is.

From the individual life to the family and  social life, we are called to create the coordinates that guide our actions.

Our creativity determines our uniqueness. I wonder if those around us are aware of our uniqueness or think of us  as ordinary people, which is the result of an outdated model  we are conforming due to the lack of commitment, determination and, therefore,  creativity.

That’s why we face obstacles. They exist to leverage our creativity. Who gives up in the midst of trials and obstacles kills creativity.

Personally, I think that one of the many examples of creativity in the history of the world that strikes me most is the cross of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Bible teaches that God is pure and holy and  that He cannot, by his own nature, coexist with what is unclean.

It teaches also  that men are by nature impure and, therefore, incompatible with the holiness of God. This, however, does not stop the action of God who, above all else loves us and wants to connect with us, His creatures.

The creativity of God consist in becoming a man, live a Holy and perfect life and die as the last of the impure and sinful men. Jesus died for you and me!

God does not see our impurities because Jesus is dying for our  impurities and sins .

So God is holy, but at the same time, through Jesus now has the ability to connect with us and let us know what is the life He has designed for each of us.

Being creative requires sacrifice, patience, humiliation, criticism, but it’s worth it when we reach our final purpose.

If our creativity is atrophying, you and I live in boredom and mediocrity.

Let’s react and let’s  face the obstacle with the creativity  which each of us has been endowed.

What a joy to discover that we were created to create!

What a  satisfaction  to understand how much potential we have to leave our own mark in this world as the result of our creativity.

May this new week be a rematch of the awareness of our creativity!

Guy Sottile


The word for today is growth!

The first thought that we have to consider is that growing up is automatic. Wildflowers and trees grow, so do people and animals. It seems therefore that growth is something that happens with or without our help.

A closer look and a deeper reflection, however, reveals an unexpected surprise.

In order to grow, you have to have the right conditions.

If the trees and flowers are not planted in the right soil, and if it does not rain, they do not grow. If animals and people are not being fed and are abandoned, they do not grow and  begin a path that leads them to death!

Growing up is not automatic. Growing up does not happen spontaneously. Growing up is a deliberate process. I wonder how many of us have a growth plan for their lives and the lives of those  they are in charge of.

There was a time when I found myself unprepared to answer the question if I had a growth plan for my life. What takes us out of the anonymity is to have a clear growth project , first personally and then, of course, on a professional level!

What are our prospects? How to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones? What models we need to imitate? What friends and mentors should we look for ? Where to invest our time, our talents and our treasures?

Formulating answers to these questions growthwill help us develop a growth plan that INTENTIONALLY we must apply to our daily actions, to see a real and meaningful personal and professional growth!

Guy Sottile

Abundance a reality in the life of a true leader!

tharyn-abundance-ocean-vibrationThe word for today is abundant!

The concept of this word is rendered best by the example that comes from the waves.

If we go to any beach in the world, we see the waves crashing on the beach, then they seem to run out and retire and then return again.

This ebb and flow are continuous, I would say forever!

Here this is the concept of abundance: an inexhaustible resource that adds strength and energy to our lives both personally and professionally!

Jesus declared that he had come to give life and life in abundance! This statement makes us detect two concepts: one before and another comma after comma.

Two people living in the same house: one is living and the other lives in abundance.

Two people work together: one is living his work and the other is living his work in abundance. The abundance depends on whether and how we can find more resources for our lives. It all starts with discovering our only individual mission, our calling both personally and professionally.

Without this premise there is no possibility to connect to the tank of abundance. Once we find the purpose, we decide to become permanent students who want to learn more and grow accordingly.

These two basic steps are the springboard for an abundant life!

My question that I want to address is as follows: On which side of the comma are you living your life?

Are you  just living or are you living in abundance?

Here is  the secret of true success:  you will not be satisfied with living but you learn to live an abundant life that comes from having found your personal and professional purpose and have given yourself to the development and completion of the same.

Look at those waves hurl themselves tirelessly on the beach and decide today to grab their inexhaustible power to live an abundant life!

Guy Sottile