Guidelines for a successful 2017

One of the biggest challenges for man is explaining time. 
Since life flows like a river, and is constantly changing, time is hard to catch and stop. 
Time is always on the move. 
At the beginning of a new year, symbolically, we all celebrate the time past and time to come. 
We all make promises and commit ourselves once and for all, forgetting that the promises and commitments need to be maintained on an ongoing basis. 
Let’s commit ourselves, intentionally, to not accepting our life but leading our life!
Let us therefore live our lives moment by moment, and keep our promises and commitments, moment by moment as we enter 2017. 
Three challenges for the new year. 
Let us eliminate all those things that do not matter, and defile our character negatively. 

The same way people do in Naples following an old tradition, let us throw down our window old things, unnecessary and negative things, thoughts, people and behaviors! 
Let’s focus on our strengths and not our weaknesses. 

Let’s use our talents to the fullest! There are no speed limits for improving our life!
Expect big things for the new year. 

Only if we undertake great things we can expect great things! 
Wishing you a profitable and blessed 2017!
Guy and Sondra Sottile

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