The word for today is imagination! 
Both you and I know that to be successful you have to get out of the box of conventional thinking and set in motion the creativity that is inherent in all of us. 
The great Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. He assigned to his imagination the secret of his discoveries! 
The one who uses his imagination does not see things differently from others. He interprets things differently from others. 
If you encounter a problem, using your imagination and creativity allows you not to see the problem but, on the contrary, to see the innovative solution to the problem. 
The positive person is not the one that ignores or does not see the obstacles in life, but the one who interprets them as a springboard to new discoveries and new horizons to conquer! 
The imagination goes beyond what you see. Imagination is the connection between the mind and the heart that interprets what is seen as an opportunity to add value to ourselves and to all those around us! 
Imagination is the turbo of life! Everything we see will have the turbo, the momentum that leads us to act above the average. 
If our actions do not project images of what we would like to see and are common and repetitive, we only use 2.000 neurons. But if we project images of what we would like to see, thinking outside of the box, then we use over 4 billion neurons !

As a man of faith, I believe that imagination is the secular word for faith. 
By faith Abraham leaves the status quo in search of new discoveries. 
By faith he brings to sacrifice Isaac, knowing by Faith and then imagining, that God would do a miracle and would save him. 
By faith and therefore imagination, I face the challenges of life in a creative way looking to discover new horizons and see in every obstacle an opportunity to add value to my life! 
Therefore, make a commitment to interpret the events of your life as a positive turning point and no one will be able to stop you! 
In the words of Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment: 
“May your choices reflect your hopes (imaginations) and not your fears”! 
Guy Sottile

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