The word for today is elasticity.
Philippians 3:12 states” ..but I strive ( stretch) to lay hold of that for which CHRIST Jesus also laid hold of me”. 
 When we think of a rubber band the only way to use it is to pull it, stretch it and make it longer to keep more things together. 
If the rubber band is not pulled it can not justify its existence and it is useless! 
So is our life. We were created to be constantly pulled, to improve our performance, to hold together more useful things to justify our mission in life. 
When I teach a leadership lesson I like to put rubber bands of various color and size on the seat of the participants. 
At the right moment I tell them to see how they can use each rubber band, and inevitably they pull it to see how much it can be stretched. 
We all are different, we come from different cultures, work and backgrounds BUT we have the same function which is to always stretch and widen our horizons in order to justify our existence. 
The one who does not stretch and remains static is dead even though he has not officially announced it! 
What do you do to broaden your horizons and improve yourself? 
The only benefit that we can give to the people we love and we come in contact with is that we always try to improve, try to learn to be more effective, in order to positively influence our life and the life of others. 
How are you investing your time and your resources to improve yourself in order to make a mark in the lives of others?
 My challenge to you is to find the way to improve yourself so that you can add value to others. 
Let the elastic part of your life be constantly stretched and you will come out of an anonymous existence and give real meaning to your daily actions!
Guy Sottile 

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