The word for today is enthusiasm! 
This word comes from the greek and consists of two concepts: en, meaning in, and theos meaning God. 
Literally the word means HAVE GOD IN YOU! 
Over time, the person WITH ENTHUSIASM is always positive, joyful, self-confident! This is because he believes in a destiny that leads to success. 
This attitude does not always last long because often what we thought was a success turns out to be short-lived and not sustainable.

 In other words, the enthusiastic person believes to be God, master of its own destiny, but when the defeat comes all these premises are put into crisis and, perhaps for this reason, enthusiastic people turn out, over time, in people who are depressed and lacking in initiative . 
That is why they are described as “romantic” in the sense that they depend for their enthusiasm on their emotions, and emotions, unfortunately, often change! 
 The real excitement is acquired when a person is in line with his creator who has a perfect plan for his life. 
This alignment produces not a feeling or an emotion but a CONVICTION to be in the right path, the path marked out for us by the One who created us and who has a personal mission for all of us. 
We are not an accident but an entity with a unique purpose. 
This principle is the root of our enthusiasm and it is not an ephemeral one but a lasting one! 
To have enthusiasm, we must always ask ourselves if God lives in us and if He is the one who is leading our lives. 
The Apostle Paul, one of the greatest historical leaders, said that Jesus is in us is the hope of glory (POWER). 
He stated that with Jesus we are more than conquerors! 
Paul reaches the maximum when he says IT IS NO LONGER I WHO LIVES BUT CHRIST LIVES IN ME! 
Take back the enthusiasm that has left many of us in MEDIOCRITY and anonymity and remove from the throne of your life the EGO replacing it with GOD! 
I wish you an exciting week FULL OF ENTHUSIASM! 
Guy Sottile

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