The word for today is implementation! 
This word does not belong, unfortunately, to our everyday vocabulary. 
We do not hear it or apply it often to our life. 
Many think that implementation is an unconscious action that is part of the automatism of our being. 
When we get up in the morning we implement actions like washing, getting dressed and go to work. At work we do, automatically, so many things even if our mind is focused on other thoughts and priorities. 
Well this kind of implementation makes us live but does not make us grow! 
Implementing means to intentionally start a process that leads us to achieve our goal! 
Implementation is the beginning, and without it, there are only good intentions that do not lead anywhere and do not make us grow! 
The importance of implementation is rendered the most by the saying: “Who starts well ends well” or even “Who starts well is halfway there.” 
For those who want to grow and successfully achieve the purpose of their life, implementing is an action that becomes indispensable. 
What are those things that you know are right to do and yet find it difficult to implement? 
You have to start and you have to do it now! 
Begin to implement because this is the most important step to start the path to success! 
Who starts well is halfway there but who does not start is never in the race! 
No to implement intentionally is the greatest obstacle to be overcome in order to get the most out of our lives. 
The Bible says that today is the day of salvation. Not yesterday or tomorrow, but TODAY! 
Implement your decisions today, start today your new adventure, don’t push it to tomorrow, this is the only way to enter in the race in order to achieve the objectives you have set for your life!
Guy Sottile

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