The word for today is frustration!
Each of us is subject to frustrations.
It would be correct to say that frustrations are part of our lives!
When things do not go in the direction that we think to be right, we suffer a whiplash injury, and we experience the symptoms of frustration!
Just like whiplash serves to tame or punish a person, the same whiplash can serve to encourage and incite!
The successful person knows that frustrations are part of life , they hurt and leave wounds but over time they heal and disappear.
This awareness creates the belief that frustration must be accepted not as a punishment but as a spur to create in us the right character in order to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.
The frustrations of the lashes are all the same but the reaction to them determines the difference between who wins and who loses.
Do not allow frustrations you meet daily make you a loser but use them for stronger growling and reach your goal!

Guy Sottile

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