The word for today is far-sighted! 
“The person of success sees ahead of others”!
 Human nature leads us to react to every event and circumstance of life. From the moment we get up in the morning if the sky is gray also we tend to be gray. If we are contradicted our attitude is negatively affected and so are our actions. 
If something does not go according to plan we tend to react to align everything and solve the obstacles in the immediacy. 
Being far- sighted does not happen spontaneously but is the main feature of those who wish to succeed in life! 
“The person of success sees ahead of others”!
The problems of today do not distract him/her from because the eyes are fixed at the finish line. 
Foresight knows that the obstacles and challenges are deviations that lead us in the right path to get to the finishing line. 
Foresight produces tenacity to grab the prize prepared for us and win the negativity of today. 
Jesus of Nazareth, for the joy that was before him (farsightedness) bear the cross (Hebrews12 ) because it was the springboard for his resurrection! 
The cross is the sacrifice and determination that every person must have to achieve the life you have always wanted to live. We all have a cross to take and big or small, it is always heavy! 
The difference between winners and losers is precisely LOOKING AHEAD TO THE FINISHING LINE! 
Guy Sottile

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